We have rental options to help keep your event up to code. Our temporary fencing and barricade can offer crowd control and create a perimeter for your event space. With 10 years’ of experience from backyard parties with a single restroom to San Francisco’s New Year’s firework show, our team knows how to deliver for any type of event.
Compare our luxury portable restrooms to provide an elegant solution for your special day. Luxury restroom trailers can be used at venues that do not have public restrooms, or to supplement the restrooms that are available at the venue.
Walk/Run Events
Portable restrooms are not something that any event coordinator wants to worry about, but something every walk or run event needs. Our goal at Hanson & Fitch is to make it so that you don’t have to. Our sales team and delivery staff will help coordinate the delivery and removal so you can focus on your event participants.
Other Special Events
One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to portable restrooms is “how many should I rent”? Use our calculator to help assist you with your planning. We make sure to provide adequate supplies based on our calculator to ensure a quality experience for the attendee. Please contact one of our sales representatives with any further questions about your event!

When it comes to events, we understand that appearance is a large part of the experience. We take this to heart when it comes to the portable restrooms and temporary fence. We try to keep our event inventory in pristine condition, so it feels new during each rental. We prioritize the customer experience. We focus on the details and preparation leading up to the event to ensure that our services are not something you need to stress over the day of the event.

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