Hanson & Fitch VIP Restrooms are an elegant option for your wedding, birthday, or special occasion

VIP Luxury Restrooms

All of our VIP restroom options come mounted on portable trailers. The trailers help to give the luxury restrooms maximum mobility, to provide freedom of placement at event sites. The VIP luxury restroom is an excellent choice for a flushable portable restroom. It helps provide event guests with a more comfortable experience. Our VIP trailers are commonly rented for venues with no restrooms on site or to supplement restrooms to make sure there are enough for guest use. The VIP restroom comes in single, double, and quad formations.


Self-contained: Each VIP restroom is completely self-contained. The unit does not need a water or power hook-up. The unit has a solar panel on the roof that charges the interior battery. The battery is activated by stepping on the inside mat. This helps to preserve battery life and ensure it is only on when in use. The battery helps to power the interior fan and light. Each unit has a 40 gallon fresh water tank and a 65 gallon waste water tank.

Running Water: The VIP restroom provides running water for outdoor events that might otherwise be without it. The toilet is operated by a hands-free foot pedal flush. There is an interior sink that provides running water to wash your hands. The fresh water tank provides approximately 125 uses before it runs out of water. The faucet is self-closing to prevent an over usage of water and to provide maximum uses.

Luxury amenities: The luxury restroom is equipped with an interior light that will remain functional during an event long after the sun has gone down. The roof fan helps to provide cooling and ventilation to each unit. All of our units are stocked with two-ply toilet paper, scented toilet paper disks, soap, paper towels, and toilet seat covers. Every rental includes a key, which allows the units to be locked to prevent use before or after an event.

Item: Height: Width: Depth:
VIP Restroom:
Single VIP 96″ 118″ 82″
Double VIP 106″ 174″ 102″
Quad VIP 106″ 282″ 102″

VIP Trailers

VIP Trailers Features: VIP Trailers Specifications:
Incandescent Lighting Waste Water Tank 65 gallons
10×13″ Oval Sink Fresh Water Tank 40 gallons
Fresh Water Flush Average # of uses 125
Switch mat Activation Exterior Height 91″
Self-Closing Faucet Interior Height 79″
Built-In Trash Receptacle Width 48″
In Use Light Depth 43.5″
Weather-Proof Carpet Weight 600 lbs
Durable Plastic Skids Door Opening 72″ x 24″
Solar Powered

*VIP Restrooms are for event short term rental only. All event rentals require a 50% deposit at the time of order to secure units. Balance is due 7 days before event.