How much can I put in my box?

Boxes can be filled up to the rim with debris. Please do not overfill the box above the rim. Additional charges may apply for overflow and/or surpassing box weight limit. Weight limits for boxes are as follows: 10 Yard Box: 6 tons (Aggregate Materials Only) 20 Yard...

How long do I get to keep the box for?

Our boxes are rented for 7 days, beginning the day after the drop off. If your box is delivered on Monday, it is rented through the following Monday. Any rental days after the initial 7 day period will be an additional charge.

Where can I put the debris box?

Box placement must be off of the street, unless a permit has been secured from the city. There must not be any overhead powerlines in the vicinity of where the box is going to be placed. There must be accessibility on all sides of the truck for our truck to deliver...

What can I put in the debris box?

We only accept construction and demolition debris. We do not accept household items, clothes, food, liquids, chemicals, e-waste, tires, automotive materials, or treated wood waste.