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Temporary Construction Rental Fence

If you need construction rental fence in Union City or Fremont, Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Service can meet your needs.

There are two primary types of construction fencing: rolled fence and fence panels. The application that you need the rental fence for will determine which type is appropriate for your job. Rolled fencing is used when the fence is being installed in soil. It is installed by driving steel posts in the ground and tying the chain link fabric to those posts. This is the most economical way to enclose your construction site. Of course, for an additional cost, we can add tension wire, top rail, windscreen and other similar features to make the fence stronger or more aesthetically appealing.

Temporary fence panels are more common when the rental fence needs to be installed on a solid surface. Rather than damaging the concrete or asphalt by drilling into it to accept posts, temporary fence panels rest on stands that are held in place by sand bags or hardened bags of concrete. Because the panels are fully welded sections of fence, they typically cost more than the rolled fence option.

We stock thousands of feet of both rolled fence and temporary fence panels in both 6 ft. and 8 ft. tall and because we run our own installation crews, not subcontractors, we can mobilize on a moment’s notice to make sure your construction site special event area is secure.

Hanson & Fitch has been serving the temporary fencing & portable toilet needs of the East Bay & South Bay for over 30 years. Any event – Any Size.

Temporary Fencing & Barricades Rentals

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