San Jose – Oakland Temporary Fencing Solutions

Temporary Fencing Rentals in San Jose & Oakland CA

Hanson & Fitch provides temporary fencing solutions  in Oakland, San Jose and the entire San Francisco Bay Area or your circumstances. If your line of work requires security and/or safety protection renting temporary fencing has many benefits.

Temporary fencing is often used for:

  •  Emergency locations that need to be fenced off due to its hazard potential. The temporary fence will keep people from wandering into an area where there is debris that could cause health or safety problems. It also allows professionals to do their jobs. If the scene involves a crime, fencing will keep the area undisturbed so investigative work can be done. Cleanup can be done more effectively and efficiently.
  •  Job & construction sites are another case in which temporary fencing is a wise solution. The fence will eliminate the potential of a passerby being hit by falling debris. Fencing will also provide protection against theft of materials or equipment on the site.
  • Special events such as trade shows,festivals, sporting events and tail-gating events often require fences. They can be used for a variety of purposes including: directing people, enclosing VIP areas,  and marking  the perimeter of the event area.

Renting temporary fences is a good solution because:

  • You don’t have to find space to store it.
  • If you owned the fence you would need to maintain it.
  • It’s affordable.

When you need to rent fencing for a job site, emergency, or event you can be sure you are getting the appropriate type of fencing as well as the right amount to meet your needs by letting Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Services. be your rental fencing company. Our professional staff will deliver and set up your fence and then pick up the fence when you are finished with it.

Temporary Fencing & Barricades Rentals

San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose

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