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Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Service Featured in Industry Journal

Temporary Site Services is not a glamorous business. Temporary fencing, barricades and portable restrooms aren’t the usual ingredients for a sexy, flashy business model. But, building a solid, profitable business that’s high on customer service and low on employee turnover is what Hanson & Fitch has accomplished over the years.

temporary site services san francisco bay areaLike all industries, temporary site services has its trade journals and nothing is sweeter (except client testimonials) to a local business than when a national trade journal features their business. Such is the case with us at  Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Services. PRO (Portable Restroom Operator) Monthly featured us in an extensive front page article that goes into detail about our business model and commitment to our clients.

The power of diversified services is vividly evident at Hanson & Fitch Inc., a site services company in Danville, Calif., that offers customers a one-stop shop for portable restrooms, temporary fencing and cooking oil collection and rendering.

temporary fencing fence panelWe service all 9 counties in the San Francisco Bay Area  providing temporary fence panels, portable restrooms and used cooking oil collection.

“Any time you can offer an additional service to the same customer, you have a distinct advantage over the competition,” says Todd Fitch, whose company offers portable restroom, temporary fencing and grease rendering services. “Customers love a single point of contact for installation and removal of site services. If you’re an event coordinator and one company can bring in both restrooms and temporary fencing, it’s much easier … especially since more often than not, the fencing can’t go in until the restrooms arrive, or vice-versa.”

Hanson & Fitch is all about customer satisfaction and building strong client relationships from day one.

“There are lots of competitors in our Bay Area, and lots of people doing things below their cost,” Fitch adds. “But our whole philosophy is to serve customers and do it profitably. A lot of my previous business experience involved bringing in new customers. You either pick up the phone or knock on the door with a business card—there’s no magic to it. But it’s amazing how lucky you get when you ask event coordinators and construction contractors what their businesses are up to and tell them what you do and see if there’s a fit.”

When you think Temporary Fence Rental, think Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Services!

Hanson & Fitch has been serving the temporary fencing & portable toilet needs of the East Bay for over 30 years. Any event – Any Size.

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