Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fence

We carry a variety of temporary fencing solutions that can be used to fit your construction or event needs.

Temporary Fence
  • Fence Specs:
    • Width: 12′
    • Height: 6′
  • Metal stands or cement blocks as bases. 
  • Free standing

Hanson & Fitch’s temporary fence can be used by both event and construction companies to provide site security and privacy. Our standard fence panel comes in 12 foot sections and a height of 6 feet. All fence panels come with vertical and horizontal cross bars. Our heavy duty stands are made of steel, which allow the panels to remain upright and in place for special events. For construction, we use cement blocks to provide additional weight and security. We have found these offer a better solution and less clean up than using sandbags to anchor the fence. Our panels are free standing and do not require drilling. We do offer driven posts in for job sites to provide additional stability.

Privacy Screen
  • Screen Dimensions:
    • Height: 6′
    • Length: 50′ rolls
  • Available in black and green colors
  • Anchored to fence with zip ties. 


  • Gate types:
    • Swing Gate
    • Pedestrian Gate
    • Sliding Gate

When renting temporary fence on a job site or event, often times an access point is needed. We have different types of gates to fit your needs. When vehicles and equipment need access to your site, it is best to create swing gates with wheels with our fence panels. These gates can be created in a single or double formation to create 12′ and 24′ wide gates. If you are not looking to create a large access gate to your site, we have pedestrian gates available. These gates are 4′ wide and allow easy access for people on site. If you are very limited on space, we can create a sliding gate. These gates run parallel to the fence on site, to create an opening without obstructing anything else on site. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fence is available at six-month and twelve-month rental periods. After the initial rental period, we offer a month-to-month rental option.

All of our fence pricing includes the labor for our crew to install it and tear it down. Our crews take a count of what is actually installed on the delivery date and your invoice is updated accordingly.

We recommend meeting our crew on site to help explain how you would like the fencing set up. If you are not able to be on site, we recommend spray painting the ground where you would like the fence, or sending over a map to our office to pass along to the crew.

Deliveries occur between 7AM – 3PM. We are not able to guarantee a specific time for delivery/pick-up, but we will do our best to accommodate any requests.

We recommend reserving fence deliveries at least a week in advance to guarantee the installation date you want. We recommend the same amount of lead time for fence pick-ups as well. If you need the fencing picked up by a specific date, please plan accordingly.

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