High Rise Restroom

The high rise unit is suitable for high rise construction. Also known as half-high units, roof is collapsible in order to allow partial or full privacy. The collapsible roof allows the unit to fit through a standard door opening. The unit is equipped with wheels so it can be rolled into freight elevators during high rise construction. The wheels have sealed casters to prevent freeze up. The frame and floor of the unit are made from galvanized metal in order to provide increased durability and prevent damage during handling. Optional lift kits can be added for crane use. The interior of the unit is equipped with a 38 gallon waste tank along with a urinal.

  • Retractable roof
  • Fits through door openings
  • Fits on freight elevators
  • Lockable wheels
  • Two-ply, environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced toilet paper
  • Package of toilet seat covers
  • Scented toilet paper disk




  • Height: 78.2″
  • Width: 33.5″
  • Depth:54.5″
  • Manufactured in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard restroom rentals include 3 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper, and a pack of toilet seat covers. For construction rentals, weekly service is included. For event rentals, a service is included upon removal. In order for service to be successfully completed as ordered, units must be accessible and clean of trash and debris. The delivery fee includes the pick up fee and will be added to your order during checkout.

For single portable toilets, we are able to offer next business day delivery as long as the order is placed by 3PM. For large events or construction projects we recommend a week or more of lead time.

Deliveries occur between 7AM – 3PM. We are not able to guarantee a specific time for delivery/pick-up, but we will do our best to accommodate any requests. If work is going to begin in the morning, we suggest scheduling the delivery for the business day before work is set to start.

No one needs to be present for the delivery. We ask that you give us instructions for the driver if no one is going to be present. To help the delivery go smoothly, we recommend marking the placement spot with tape, paint, or a cone.

The unit must be placed within 20 feet from the street for our driver to service it and pick it up. Please make sure that the pathway is clear of vehicles, debris, and/or other safety hazards. We request that units not be placed behind gates, or in backyards/sideyards to ensure weekly service is completed.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that a unit can be rented for. Our event rentals are rented on a 7 day period and our construction rentals are billed on a 28 day cycle. We have a one month minimum charge for construction rentals.

We do not automatically pick up units at the end of the billing cycle, in case you are not done with your project! The restroom will remain at your job site unless a pick up is prescheduled at the time of order, or a pick up request is made with our office. If we do not receive a pick up request, you will automatically be billed for the next month’s rental.

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