Alpha Mobile

The Alpha Mobile Trailer is our nicest option for luxury trailers. The trailer requires a power and water source to be fully functional. An extension cord and standard water hose are provided with delivery. The standard 110-volt power source provides this trailer with hot water, air conditioning, and an in-use light for each stall. Each stall is spacious and helps to provide the look and feel of a normal bathroom.

  • Hands free, porcelain commodes
  • Self-flushing urinal (Men’s stall)
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Trash receptacles
  • Air conditioning


  • Height: 128”
  • Width: 194”
  • Depth: 96”
  • Fresh Water Tank: 255 Gallons
  • Waste Water Tank: 100 Gallons

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to reserve a trailer, we require a 50% deposit. This deposit is refundable up to 7 days before the delivery. The remaining balance is charged 7 days before the delivery. At this time the balance of the order becomes non-refundable.

Our VIP trailers are completely self-contained. There is a solar panel on the roof that powers and recharges the battery. The clean water flushes into a self-contained dirty water tank. There is no need to plug anything in. For our Alpha Mobile trailer, a standard electrical and water hose outlet is required. Extension cord and water hose are provided with the rental.

Each stall on our luxury trailer accommodates approximately 125 uses. We recommend having at least one stall for each 50 guests per 4 hours of event. If there is going to be alcohol served at the event, we recommend doubling that estimation. Hand wash stations can be rented in order to get more uses out of the VIP stalls.

It is difficult to predict how far in advance our luxury trailers will sell out. Our busiest event season tends to be between April – October. During this time we recommend making a reservation at least two months in advance.

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