Porta Potty Rentals in the Hayward, CA Area Are Met with Portable Toilets Supplied by Hanson & Fitch

Standard portable toilets in the Hayward, CA vicinity are the basic porta potty rentals. These toilets are ideal for construction sites, parties, and low budget events. Renting portable toilets from Hanson & Fitch means free delivery and pickup.

Standard portable toilets are the most rented units from Hanson & Fitch. They are designed to withstand weather, other challenges in the environment, and construction sites. When paired with a handwashing station, they provide great sanitation options

The dedicated service team takes care of all sanitary requirements hassle-free. Standard porta potty rentals for the Hayward, CA region include rolls of tissue, proper ventilation, an anti-slip surface, adequate lighting, a room-like interior, and sanitary seats that are clean and hygienic.

The dimensions of a standard portable toilet from Hanson & Fitch are: Height = 95.75 inches, Width = 46.5 inches, and Depth = 48.5 inches. These dimensions are units that are slightly larger than some of the competition. Standard units are available for short-term or long-term rentals with regular service.

Hanson & Fitch can also provide deluxe porta potty rentals for the Hayward, CA area that facilitates guests with a hygienic handwashing station. When food is served at an event, the entire mood of the event might go wrong with no hand washing facilities. The deluxe models provide hand sanitizer, fresh water rinse, and paper towels.

Flushing toilets are a popular choice for those special occasions that do not have access to conventional restrooms, especially fundraisers, birthday parties, and weddings. The atmosphere of these porta potty rentals in the Hayward, CA vicinity feels closer to traditional restrooms than standard modules.

Hanson & Fitch specialize by offering ADA-compliant portable toilets in the Hayward, CA vicinity. The porta potty rentals are designed to be accessible for physically challenged individuals. There is extra cabin space in the ADA units.

The dimensions are: Height = 90 inches, Width = 62.5 inches, and Depth = 88 inches. A handlebar enables easy use. Children unable to use the restroom alone can fit comfortably with an adult escort.

Trailer porta potties in the Hayward, CA region are perfect for road construction. They can be moved to different locations. Handwashing stations keep special events and job sites as sanitary as possible.

The nicest units offered by Hanson & Fitch are the VIP trailers. The upgraded restroom trailers are suitable for black tie affairs or presidential use. Executives are provided with a top end restroom experience.

VIP trailers include:

  • solar powered incandescent lighting
  • an oval sink
  • fresh water flush
  • switch mat activation
  • self-closing faucet, built-in trash receptacle
  • an in-use light
  • weatherproof carpet
  • durable plastic skids.

The knowledgeable staff at Hanson & Fitch are happy to work out the portable toilet needs for the Hayward, CA area. They will coordinate a hassle-free delivery and pickup scheduled around your timetable. Call 800-847-7037 for all portable toilet needs in Hayward, CA.

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