Saratoga Porta Potty Rentals

If you are looking for a porta potty rental in Saratoga, you may have a lot of questions that our experienced sales staff can help answer. One question that we receive a lot is about the wholesale of portable restrooms. None of our products that we offer are currently available for purchase. We are a temporary site service company that offers rentals only. Hanson & Fitch is experienced in providing the highest quality products for rental, and also providing all of the maintenance that comes along with this rental. Renting a porta john is often easier and more cost-effective than purchasing your own because you will still have to find a way to dispose of the waste. Even if you do own your own, we can still help with the waste disposal. We treat each service with care and will provide you the same service that all of our customers have come to expect. 


Luxury Trailers

Along with our offerings of porta potty rentals, our luxury restroom trailers are also very popular in Saratoga, California. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, it is common that the venue will not have sufficient restrooms for all of your guests. Often they will have restrooms but it is necessary to have a supplement on-site. Our luxury restrooms trailers are a solution to this common problem. The trailers come mounted on wheels, so they can be moved close to where festivities will be occurring. There is no external connection needed for the trailer so it can be placed far away from water and power hookups, although it does need to be placed on flat ground. Each unit is separate and has its own clean water and wastewater tanks and its own solar-powered batteries. The battery helps to power the interior light and the fan. Interior lighting is great for events that go into the night to provide extra lighting for your guests.

More Information

If you are interested in renting a portable restroom or luxury restroom trailer in Saratoga, we can help make that process easy and hassle-free. Luckily, Saratoga does not have many regulations or restrictions for temporary site service rentals. If you are going to be placing the unit on private property, there is no permit that is needed. You can read more about permits in Saratoga here. To be safe with your inspections, we offer a containment pan that can be placed underneath the portable loos. These pans catch any run-off water from the restroom cleaning and prevent it from going into the groundwater. This water is not toxic or harmful, but some inspectors like to see it on the jobs that they go to. If you are planning a construction project, you can also look to Hanson & Fitch for your temporary fence rental needs. We have 6 and 12-month rentals available, with flexible month-to-month rates after the original rental term. Our temporary fence can be combined with our restroom rentals or can be rented on its own. 




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Handicap porta potty for events and construciton

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