Palo Alto Porta Potty Rentals

Whether you are planning a construction project or an event in Palo Alto, there is a chance that you may need a porta potty rental. It is much better to be prepared when it comes to this topic. When you work with Hanson & Fitch, we can provide you the options that you have for your rental. We are able to have the portable restroom delivered when you are in need of it and pick it up when you are finished with it. There are short-term and long-term rental periods available to fit your needs. For porta potty rentals, we do not have a mandatory contract to sign. You are able to keep the unit for as long a time as you need. If your event or construction project runs shorter than expected, there is no early termination fee for us to pick up early. 


Palo Alto Porta Potty Rental Specs

When we deliver a porta potty to your home in Palo Alto, it is important to know where you would like our driver to place it. Unfortunately, we are not able to place units in the backyard of homes. If the unit is heavily used in the backyard, it can become very heavy and impossible for our driver to pick it up. When your rental includes weekly cleaning, our driver will not be able to reach the portable restroom if it is in the backyard. We request that the placement you choose is in the front of the property within 20 feet of street access.

In order to find somewhere you can place the unit, you will need a space at least 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. You will also need a clearance overhead of at least 9 feet. This will ensure that the porta potty will fit in the area that you have chosen. Each unit has a metal hasp on the front of the door for a lock so you can keep out unwanted users. If you decide to use this feature, we request that you choose a combination lock and you pass the combination along to us for the cleaning. The unit also comes with an interior mirror and some of our units come with a handy shelf in the corners. Upon delivery, each unit is stocked with 3 rolls of toilet paper and a pack of seat covers. These items are restocked during your weekly cleaning.

More information

The city of Palo Alto makes it pretty easy to move forward with your porta potty rental. There is no permit needed if you are going to place the unit on your own private property. You can find out more about permits for the city here. When you are ready to place a new order, it is important to have the address for delivery and the phone number of the contact handy. We ask for a phone number for the contact so that our driver can ask them questions on the day of the delivery. We have found this makes the delivery process easier for all parties involved. If you decide to move forward with your rental, the good news is we can have something delivered to you the next business day. To place an order, you can use our online store, call our offices, or email us.

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