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Hanson & Fitch is a market leader in Burlingame, California porta potty rentals. If you are in the market for a porta john rental, chances are you are planning an event or a construction project. These are our two most popular rental categories. The great thing about our rentals is how versatile they are, they are about to suit the needs of many. In addition to renting portable restrooms, we also offer temporary fence rental and dumpster service. Temporary fence rentals are used to provide both security and privacy. It helps to deter outsiders from trespassing and it can help protect whatever is inside of the fence from theft. Dumpsters are the best way to dispose of large amounts of construction and demolition debris responsibly. All of our loads are taken to a transfer station where it is sorted and disposed of properly. You can read more about where we take our dumpster loads from Burlingame here


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The crazy thing about porta potties is how versatile they are. We get rental requests from all types of construction. Our number one request in Burlingame is for residential home remodels. Usually, the standard portable restroom is rented for projects like these. We also get many requests for commercial construction that require portable loos for the workers on site. This is often because they cannot enter the commercial buildings in order to use the bathroom. Long-term rentals are also used for both sports camps and sports leagues. These units are often placed at parks or schools and have latches that can be locked to prevent use when the owner is not around. We also have units suitable for high-rise construction. This includes units that can be picked up by a crane and units that are on wheels that can be rolled and moved by elevator. When building a high-rise building, having these types of units will save your workers a lot of time because they will not have to return to the base level each time they need to use the restroom.

Along with all of the different types of uses for construction, we also have an event line of portable toilets. Hanson & Fitch is a family-owned business and is a small operation compared to most of our competitors, but we are still equipped to handle your event. We have successfully provided for events as small as one unit ranging all the way up to one hundred and thirty. Our units are suitable for events at your household, at a marathon, concerts, and more. Event units are kept in new condition to make sure they look presentable for all of your events. If you are looking for something more upscale, inquire with our staff about our luxury trailer restrooms. These VIP trailers are ideal for weddings and birthday parties. They provide a flushable option in order to make your guests more comfortable. Although most events happen on the weekend, we do not operate. Normally we will provide delivery the Friday before the event and pick up the Monday following.




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Standard Porta Potty

Flushable Deluxe Porta Potty

Porta potty with interior sink

Deluxe Porta Potty

Trailer Porta Potty

Handicap porta potty for events and construciton

ADA Porta Potty

High Rise Porta Potty

Hand Wash Station

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