Hanson & Fitch Can Help Choose the Portable Toilets for San Francisco Bay Area Events and Projects

No matter what upcoming event or building project is being planned, Hanson & Fitch can provide porta potty rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area at an affordable rate. We offer private portable toilets, hand washing stations, and hand sanitizer.

Customers pick and choose from the models we offer to meet the needs of the project or event. We deliver and pick up the units at agreed upon times. Choices include:

  • Standard units
  • ADA compliant units
  • Flushable portable toilets
  • Two stall restroom trailers
  • Mobile single stall trailers

Hanson & Fitch provides porta potty rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area that are clean, state-of-the-art units. They guarantee success at construction sites, government functions, special events, and festivals. Hanson & Fitch maintains the required disposal permits, registration, and insurance.

The portable toilets offer:

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Large interiors
  • Attractive and people-friendly units
  • Door handles that provide additional privacy
  • Doors tall enough to make entry and exit easy
  • User-safe non-slip floors
  • Available hand sanitizer

Construction Porta Potty Rentals

We offer standard, deluxe, and ADA compliant units to San Francisco Bay Area construction sites. We also provide holding tanks for gray water and additional waste storage. The installation for construction trailers is easy.

For an additional charge, we will do the installation. Available tank sizes are 250, 300, and 350 gallons. Weekly service is included. Additional service is available. Professionalism and excellence are attributes of our customer service team.

We work with clients to determine portable toilet requirements and assist in the planning, delivery, service, and pickup. We want our customers to have the best possible porta potty rentals experience.

Special Event Porta Potty Rentals

Having the right portable toilets solution can make an event successful. It is important to plan for appropriate portable restroom facilities properly. Our support team can help with the number of portable units needed and where to group and locate them.

The number of portable toilets needed depends on the size of the crowd using them. The number of hours the porta potty rentals are in use on the longest day of the event is used to calculate the number of portable toilets needed.

For work sites, one unit per ten workers is advised. The calculation is a little trickier for events. For a crowd of 125 people, the recommendation for a two-hour period is two units. For every additional two-hour period, add two more units.

The numbers increase significantly as the size of the crowd grows. A crowd of 25,000 will need nearly 70 portable toilets for two hours and an approximate increase of 70 for each additional two-hour time span.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages, other liquids, and food increase the usage by 30 to 40 percent. Let Hanson & Fitch help determine the number of portable toilets you need for your San Francisco Bay Area project or event. Call 800-847-7037.



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