Hanson & Fitch’s hand wash stations provide a place to wash your hands at locations without running water.

Double-sided hand wash stations can be rented for both event and construction use. Each hand wash station includes enough soap and paper towels for the provided water supply. Each wash station is operated with a hands-free foot pump at the base of the unit. The hand wash station is completely self-contained. The 22 gallon freshwater tank drains into a 27 gallon grey water tank inside of the unit. A hand wash station is recommended for jobsites with greater than 5 workers.


  • Hands-free foot pump
  • Dual 400ml soap dispensers
  • 3 fold paper towel dispenser
  • 49 gallon tank (22 fresh/27 waste)
  • Manufactured in the USA

All of our construction rentals include a service once per week. One hand wash station is suitable for up to ten workers during a normal work week. Our service technician will visit your site, clean and restock the unit, and ensure the unit is in condition to be used for the upcoming work week. Additional services available upon request.

Item: Height: Width: Depth:
Hand Wash Station 50″ 16″ 30″