Decorating Tips for the Portable Toilets at Your Livermore Event

Small but meaningful touches can make regular portable toilets more inviting to the attendees at your Livermore event. Decorating the inside and/or outside of the porta potty rentals is fun and easy – and is a great way to personalize these otherwise neutral necessities.

As you browse our temporary restroom solutions for the right fit for your upcoming event, keep style and décor in mind as the personal touches you add can enhance the ambiance of your event.

Decorating Portable Toilets – The Exterior

Contrary to popular belief, portable toilets can be quite clean and comfortable. Adding your own personal touches will make them even more so. Start with the exterior.

Place some potted plants and flowers in front of the individual units. Welcome mats are a great way to make the porta potties seem a tad homier. If you rent the luxury restroom trailers, you can use lattice around the bottom to hide the tires. The more you landscape the outside of your temporary restrooms, the more they will look as if they belong there.

Decorating Porta Potty Rentals – The Interior

You have many options for making the inside of your porta potty rentals look as if they are part of the event. For instance, if your event is a wedding, you can decorate the inside of each unit with some of the same decorations you used for your wedding.

Mirrors – Give your guests a chic mirror in each porta potty where they can make sure they’re looking their best.

Pictures – Give your guests something to look at while they use the facilities by stringing twine across the ceiling of the unit and attaching your favorite photos of you and your spouse throughout the years.

Flowers – Add a touch of sophistication and beauty by placing a bouquet of flowers inside each unit. Whether artificial or real, make sure they coordinate with your event’s décor.

Potpourri – Make your portable restrooms more inviting by adding a lovely basket full of scented potpourri inside. This is one trick your guests will surely appreciate.

As you can see, the portable toilets you rent for your Livermore event don’t have to be boring. With just a little imagination you can add your own personal touch to make each unit a pleasant experience for your guests.

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