Walnut Creek Portable Toilets – Types of Toilet Rentals

These days, thanks to temporary site services, the event manager can outsource a number of the tasks involved in holding an event. These site services are capable of handling personal as well as large-scale events. While there are many requirements that are fulfilled by site services, one of the main and almost compulsory requirements that these services fulfill is the toilet requirements. Temporary site services help organizers by providing them with a wide range of portable toilet options. Let’s look at some of these options and what features they have to offer.

Walnut Creek Porta Potty Rentals – The Basic Units

The standard unit is the probably the most recognizable one because it is widely used in events, like concerts, sports events, etc. It has what people expect and it helps organizers maintain hygiene standards at their event. Also, it is relatively smaller in size, so, for a large event, the organizer can install multiple units side-by-side in one or more location at the event. Besides the standard unit, you can also get ADA-approved units for guests with a disability. Contact your Walnut Creek porta potty rentals company for more information about their basic portable toilets.

Walnut Creek Portable Toilets – The Luxury Units

The luxury models are called so because they have many additional features, including trash collectors, self-closing faucets, incandescent lights, and freshwater tanks. These restrooms are suitable for personal events, like weddings and community gatherings. Depending on the company you may also be able to find a luxury trailer.

Another thing to keep in mind about the luxury toilets is that they are available as double and quadruple units as well. The double and quadruple units are named so because they are taller and wider than the single unit, giving your guests more space to comfortably move when inside. If you have a personal event with a large number of expected guests, then you may wat to consider installing multiple luxury units. Contact your Walnut Creek portable toilets company to ask if they offer these luxury units.

A wide variety of options are available with portable toilets these days. You can choose from one of the standard options, or go far a luxury restroom, offering various nice features. The toilets are available in multiple sizes as well. Ask your temporary site service about the features they offer in their portable toilets.

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