Tips for Porta Potty Rentals that Include Portable Toilets for

Planning an outdoor wedding in Oakland, CA during the fall is a popular choice. Where people are going to use the bathroom should not be overlooked. A typical wedding and reception takes four to ten hours and involves food and drink.

You do not want to realize at the last minute that portable toilets are needed for the Oakland, CA event. For upscale events such as weddings, it is recommended to rent VIP or luxury portable toilets. These toilets are mounted on trailers

Tip #1 Schedule Porta Potty Rentals in Advance

The VIP and luxury portable toilets are a little more expensive, and porta potty rental companies do not have as many in stock as their standard portable toilet inventory. If you want to rent portable toilets for the busy season between April and September, it is best to place an order at least three months in advance. Most porta potty rental companies will issue a refund if a cancellation is made a month ahead of the planned date.

Tip #2 Make Sure the Location Can Accommodate Portable Toilets on Trailers

These porta potty rentals are the size of an RV. Branches can cause scratches to the tall portable toilets. Be sure there is sufficient clearance under tree limbs. The path from the driveway to the area where the portable toilets will be located should be trimmed.

The driveway must be wide enough to get the trailer to and from the area and allow enough room for the delivery truck to leave after making the delivery. The doors are located on the passenger side of the delivery truck. Know where you want the doors before the delivery truck arrives.

Tip #3 Plan for the Number of Anticipated Guests and Any Special Bathroom Needs

Let the porta potty rental company know the number of guests invited and if elderly or disabled guests need special accommodations. The company can help determine the kind of portable toilets required for your Oakland, CA wedding.

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