Temporary Fence Rentals in Hayward, CA Are Used by Companies as Construction Fence Rentals or Event Planning

Small construction companies; large construction companies like System Pavers, Hensel Phelps, Hathaway Dinwiddie, and McCarthy Building; and Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Apple have used temporary fence rentals from Hayward, CA.

Though construction sites are temporary, they require strong, protective fencing while the construction is underway. Road construction crews and building crews frequently have expensive materials and machinery that needs to be protected from theft or damage.

These items are potentially dangerous to pedestrians and other passersby and must be separated from unwelcome visitors. Construction fence rentals from Hayward, CA allow only workers and approved visitors access to the construction site.

Construction fence rentals that are equipped with windscreens are a popular option. Windscreens have fitted tarps that block the wind and outside viewers. They are helpful in preventing theft and protecting against windblown particles such as construction debris and dust.

Concerts and festivals, running events, sporting events, and fundraisers put on by big businesses are equipped with temporary fence rentals from Hayward, CA. Barricades are often used for these functions. They are free-standing panels that have flat foot T-stands that minimize the tripping potential.

The panels interlock to prevent the barricades from disconnecting in the middle of the fence line. Temporary fence rentals from Hayward, CA can be easily relocated on site. They are made of durable steel fencing that minimizes the risk of customer liability damage.

The big businesses can hang panels and signs on the barricades for extra event exposure. The steel barricades are lightweight which makes them easy to maneuver for unique placement configurations. Skilled technicians deliver, set-up, and pick-up event and construction fence rentals in Hayward, CA.

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