San Mateo Porta Potty Rentals — Two Things to Consider for Event Organizers

Temporary Site Services are an important component of any and outdoor event. People expect the organizers to provide these facilities so they can attend without having to worry about things like sanitation and privacy. Portable toilets are one of the most common facilities found in any outdoor event. Most temporary sites services include this facility in their package along with other facilities like fences and barricades. Here are two things that an organizer needs to consider when choosing suitable toilets for the outdoor event.

San Mateo Portable Toilets — Suitable Quantity

The first thing to consider is the type of events taking place. If the event will be attended by thousands of people, then quantity becomes an important issue to tackle. Depending on the design and accessibility factors, you may have to provide installations in different places throughout the event area. Ask your San Mateo portable toilets provider if they can meet your quantity requirements.

San Mateo Porta Potty Rentals — Toilet Types

Another thing to consider is what type of toilets will be suitable for the event. These days, organizers can add site services tailored to the nature of the event. For instance, for a relatively small event, like a wedding, the organizers can arrange luxury and VIP toilets. Luxury restrooms are larger in size than the standard models and they offer more features as well. Some of the features available with luxury models include interior lighting, stainless steel sinks, and hands-free commodes.

The presence of disabled persons at the event is also an important consideration. Ask your San Mateo porta potty rentals service if they have specially-designed, ADA-approved models for the disabled.

Temporary site services offer a variety of options for ensuring sanitation at an outdoor event. They have resources to meet the demands of small and large events.

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