Portable Toilets for All Oakland, CA Events

One of the biggest headaches for event organizers is coordinating the delivery of portable toilets with other event preparations. Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Service eliminates this issue by providing multiple temporary site services for all types of events. From construction sites, concerts, and sporting events to fairs, parades, and more, Hanson & Fitch has porta potty rentals for any Oakland, CA event.

Types of Portable Toilets for Oakland, CA Events

Whether your event is casual or formal, big or small, Hanson & Fitch has you covered. Porta potty rentals run the gamut from the standard restroom to the VIP model, with bigger, higher-priced options containing features and amenities that rival any indoor bathroom. With so many models to choose from, there’s a portable toilet for every occasion and budget.

Additions to Consider with your Portable Toilet Delivery

If your goal is to make your visitors and guests feel as comfortable as possible while attending your event, then you may want to consider a couple of additions to your portable toilet delivery.

For example, the standard restrooms are the most economical budget-wise, but they don’t include sinks for hand washing. However, Hanson & Fitch does offer portable hand washing stations to accompany these restrooms for a small additional fee.

Another consideration for construction sites or long-running events is the addition of holding tanks. Designed for holding both gray and wastewater, these tanks are installed by Hanson & Fitch for an additional charge.

When it comes to making your event a success, or even ensuring high productivity on a construction site, providing adequate portable toilets is a must. In Oakland, be sure to contact Hanson & Fitch Temporary Site Service to discuss all your temporary fencing and porta potty rental needs. Call (800) 847-7037 for more information.

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