Porta Potty Rentals for Your Home Construction Project

Whether your next home improvement project involves roof repair, remodeling, adding on, landscaping, or painting, it’s a good idea to consider renting a porta potty or two. While most homeowners don’t consider porta potty rentals an important part of their home construction projects, there are many good reasons to keep construction worker traffic outside.

Keep the Mess Outdoors

Construction projects of any kind always have their fair share of messes. From messy concrete to drywall dust, mud, dirt, and other debris, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by renting an outdoor portable toilet rather than allowing the workers to drag in all the mess into your guest bathroom.

Keep Your Home Private

By providing the workers with an outdoor porta potty to use, you keep your home a private place. It’s hard for family members to feel comfortable and secure in their own home when strangers are traipsing through all day long to use the bathroom.

You’ll Save Money

The cost of porta potty rentals in Hayward is relatively low compared to the higher water bill you’re likely to receive if you allow workers to use your indoor toilets throughout the construction project.

 Portable Toilets are Eco-Friendly

Portable toilets are eco-friendly in that they conserve water. Furthermore, they often include deodorizing products that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

Your Septic Will Thank You

When there are numerous people flushing toilets, it puts a strain on the septic tank. Having a porta potty on the property for the duration of the project saves wear and tear on your home’s septic.

Portable Toilets Help Keep Your Home Safe

Some home construction projects may involve hazardous materials that could pose a danger to you or your family members if they get inside your home. By supplying workers with an outdoor toilet, it helps keep those dangerous materials out of your house and away from family and pets.

Hanson & Fitch Can Help

If you’re planning a home construction project in the East Bay area, be sure to contact Hanson & Fitch about our porta potty rentals. We are here to make sure everyone has a place to go, so your project goes smoothly.

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