How We Work

Portable restrooms are on a 28-day billing cycle.

Fence is on a minimum 6 month or 12 month billing cycle. Please contact us for longer custom billing periods.

Credit card information is required for all rentals. Event rentals are charged 50% at the time the items are booked and the remaining balance is charged a week prior to the event.

Events that are cancelled before 7 days prior to the event is fully refundable. Any cancellations 7 days to 24 hours prior to the event will be charged 50% of the contract price. Events cancelled within 24 hours of the event date are not refundable.

The toilet is cleaned once a week, unless otherwise requested. However, the day of the servicing may be pushed back or forward due to holidays.

Cleaning will include pumping the sewage from the tank, refilling with water and a scented tablet and restocking the toilet seat covers and toilet paper (paper towels and soap if sink is onsite). The interior is washed and rinsed with cleaner as well.

Customers must ensure access to toilets for servicing. The truck must be able to park within 20ft of the toilet and the driver must have a clear and safe approach to the toilet.

For sanitation, delivery, extra service and relocation of the unit will incur an additional charge.

For fence, relocation or additional visits to the site will incur an additional charge.

Costs for replacement or repair will be the responsibility of the customer.