Hosting an Event in Oakland, CA? Here’s Why You Should Consider Renting Flushing Portable Toilets

There are many benefits to renting portable toilets when you’re hosting a big event. Opting for flushing porta potties takes those benefits to the next level. When you’re planning a large event in Oakland, CA, be sure to rent enough flushing portable toilets to keep it as clean as possible.

Curious about the benefits of renting flushing toilets over the standard non-flushing kind? Check them out below.

Flushing Porta Potty Rentals Help Stop the Spread of Disease

Oakland summers can get hot, so anything you can do to reduce bacteria growth and the spread of germs is a good idea, especially when your outdoor event attracts many visitors.

While standard portable toilets do a good job of containing waste, there is simply no substitute for a flushing toilet. Porta potty rentals that flush and include sinks for handwashing are the best way to stop the spread of illness and disease during your event.

Odor Elimination

One of the biggest issues people have with portable toilets is the smell. There was a time when deodorizing was not an option with porta potty rentals, but these days, it’s a must.

Flushing portable toilets with on-board deodorizing reduce porta-potty smell significantly so you can enjoy your event – even when it’s sweltering hot outside.

Flushing Porta Potties are Convenient and More Comfortable

No matter how clean a porta potty is, some people simply aren’t comfortable using a restroom that doesn’t flush. Renting a flushing portable toilet for your Oakland event helps your guests feel more comfortable when nature calls.

Flushing Portable Toilets Aren’t Just for Large Events

While most people rent flushing portable toilets for outdoor events such as weddings, festivals, family reunions, and the like, flushing portable toilets are also a great alternative when indoor sanitation methods aren’t available.

Bathroom renovations can be inconvenient because they often require homeowners to turn off water and dismantle plumbing. When this is the case, having a flushing porta potty complete with a working sink is just the ticket until things are up and running again inside.

Whether your next event is large, small, or somewhere in between, consider renting flushing portable toilets. Not only will your guests feel more comfortable going, they will thank you for doing your part to reduce the spread of germs.

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