Hanson & Fitch provides half-high restrooms for high rise building construction

The high rise unit is suitable for high rise construction. Also known as half-high units, roof is collapsible in order to allow partial or full privacy. The collapsible roof allows the unit to fit through a standard door opening. The unit is equipped with wheels so it can be rolled into freight elevators during high rise construction. The wheels have sealed casters to prevent freeze up. The frame and floor of the unit are made from galvanized metal in order to provide increased durability and prevent damage during handling. Optional lift kits can be added for crane use. The interior of the unit is equipped with a 38 gallon waste tank along with a urinal.


  • Full or semi private
  • Fits through door openings
  • Fits on Freight elevators
  • Retractable roof
  • Lockable wheels
  • Manufactured in the USA

All of our construction rentals include a service once per week. One high rise portable restroom is suitable for up to ten workers during a normal work week. Our service technician will visit your site, clean and restock the unit, and ensure the unit is in condition to be used for the upcoming work week. Additional services available upon request.

Item: Height: Width: Depth:
High Rise Restroom 78.2″ 33.5″ 54.5″