Construction Temporary Fence Rentals in Hayward, CA

Chain link fence panels are available from Hanson & Fitch that offer temporary fence rentals in the Hayward, CA vicinity. The panels stand on concrete blocks when used in construction areas. Most are free-standing. Hanson & Fitch also drive panels into the ground upon request.

Driving panels into the ground is an effective way of creating a secure barrier to surround the perimeter of construction sites. Hanson & Fitch construction rentals in the Hayward, CA area offer other options as well. Windscreens provide more security, privacy, and wind control. Windscreens are available in six-foot heights.

These fences are ideal for renovation, heavy construction, residential, and commercial construction sites. The six-foot fence can also have rolling or sliding gates added to the Hanson & Fitch construction fence rentals from the Hayward, CA area. Chain link fencing is popular because it is not highly visible. It is utilitarian and serves the intended function.

When you look at a construction site, chances are you are looking over or through one of the most under-rated construction industry products, the temporary fencing. Keeping a construction site safe is a construction company’s priority. Hanson & Fitch temporary fence rentals in the Hayward, CA vicinity, allow site managers to keep the general public from the construction site and maintain the workers’ safety.

OSHA sets regulations that must be followed or suffer the consequences of levied fines against the project’s construction firm. OSHA dictates a six-foot fence be in place to prevent the public from entering the work zone. When construction personnel is not on the site, the construction fence rentals in the Hayward, CA region must be locked. Signs must be posted on the fencing perimeter that warns intruders of the location’s safety risk and the legal ramifications if caught trespassing.

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