Albany & El Cerrito Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fence Rental in East Bay CA

An important part of any large event, construction project, or disaster management situation is a good fence. Hanson & Fitch temporary fence rentals provide the solution in East Bay communities like Albany & El Cerrrito, CA.

Basic temporary fences are produced using galvanized steel, structural steel or in some cases linear low-density polyethylene coated steel wire.Engineered for quick assembly and teardown, all types of temporary fencing are conducive to any fencing needs.Dimensions of steel fencing can generally be rented in heights of 4, 6 or 8 feet in lengths of 10 feet.Charge for basic temporary fencing is dependent on the usage, length and height.The specifications of length and height of temporary fencing is based on the type of fencing and what it is being used for.Safety and security, physical boundaries and storage are all ensured by using cost-effective temporary fencing solutions.

Barricade fencing is commonly used for outdoor events and security for crowd control, blocking off areas to the public and for basic flow of traffic.No assembly is required for barricade fencing as the fences often interlock, providing an ideal solution for events needing quick, temporary fencing.

No tools are needed to assemble galvanized fencing as often the fences interlock.To meet other event/project needs, barricade fencing can as well be found in vinyl, plastic and power-coated material.

To ensure stability and security, steel frame fencing is manufactured using welded heavy gauge wire and square steel tubing for the frame.High-visibility square steel safety fences are often used on construction sites to alert the public of dangers and are often complete with a windscreen to prevent blowing debris from leaving the site.Safety fencing is important for construction sites in order to put a stop to incidents but also to contain industrial material and form a shield to the public using a windscreen available for fencing units.Security toppers are available for steel frame fencing to discourage climbing and theft. Variations for bases and rails are also available to accommodate different types of traffic.

Hanson & Fitch has been serving the temporary fencing & portable toilet needs of the East Bay & South Bay for over 30 years. Any event – Any Size.

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