Advice from Hanson & Fitch About Porta Potty Rentals and the Number and Placement of Portable Toilets for the San Jose, CA Area

For many years, Hanson & Fitch has been providing porta potty rentals in the San Jose, CA vicinity. The portable toilets they offer are designed to meet the needs of clients at permanent business locations, recreational facilities, special events, and construction sites.

The company’s focus remains on providing clean porta potty rentals in the San Jose, CA region. Experienced industry professionals want to provide innovative solutions and superior customer service. Hanson & Fitch is a respected temporary site service leader of portable toilets in the San Jose, CA area.

Customers trust Hanson & Fitch because the company offers quality equipment. Hanson & Fitch is a one stop shop. Not only do they provide porta potty rentals for the San Jose, CA vicinity, but they offer temporary fencing needed at many events sponsored by their clients.

The company provides prompt service. Portable toilets are delivered to the San Jose, CA region as promised. Customer service is always provided in a courteous, professional manner. Hanson & Fitch adheres to environmentally friendly practices. The chemicals used are environmentally safe and biodegradable.

Portable Toilet Placement

At the beginning of a construction project or preparing for a special event, customers commonly want to know where the portable toilets for the San Jose, CA area are to be placed. Hanson & Fitch’s experienced technicians are prepared to guide customers in the placement of porta potties.

The ability to be placed in multiple locations is a significant advantage of portable toilets, but some limitations exist. Follow these guidelines. Place porta potties in a level and dry area. Accessibility is a consideration. Portable toilets should be centrally located or scattered strategically.

Ask the experts how many units are needed based on the number of people expected to use them. Porta potties should be kept within the vicinity of beverages and food that is served. The portable toilets have to be placed within 25 feet of where the rental company’s service truck can be parked.

Determining the Number of Units Needed

It is important to have an estimate of the number of people who will attend an event. In addition to the number of potential bathroom users, the length of time an event will last needs to be taken into considerations. Additional porta potty rentals are required for every two hours of an event.

Events with a high level of activity tend to cause employees and patrons to drink more fluids. The consumption increases the need for relief. It is best to increase the number of portable toilets for high activity events to avoid long lines. When alcohol is served at an event, more restrooms may be needed.

If the majority of guests are women, additional facilities that feature flushing toilets, hand towels, and trash receptacles are recommended. Call Hanson & Fitch at 800-847-7037 to help with planning for your next big event.

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