5 Fun Facts About Portable Toilets

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Whether it’s at an outdoor San Mateo festival or on a construction site, needing to use the bathroom can strike at any given moment. This could be a problem if not for the invention of the portable toilet.

Porta potty rentals often get a bad rap. After all, the subject of human waste isn’t a glamorous one; but that’s not the portable toilet’s fault. Just imagine how inconvenient life would be without them. Here are a few fun facts about the mobile bathroom you may not already know.

1. Portable Toilets are a More Recent Invention than Flush Toilets

Contrary to popular belief, portable toilets weren’t invented until after flush toilets. According to the Smithsonian, flush toilets were invented in the late 1500’s. Porta potties, however, didn’t exist until World War II when people were forced to move into new military facilities before proper infrastructure could be established.

2. Soft Toilet Paper Wasn’t Always a Thing

Even though flushing and portable toilets have been around awhile, soft toilet paper hasn’t. Mass toilet paper production didn’t occur until the late 1800’s, while splinter-free toilet paper didn’t exist until 1935. Thank goodness for modern times!

3. The Blue Liquid in Porta Potty Rentals Has a Very Important Job

The blue liquid in porta potty rentals is blue for a reason. Not only does it help cover the appearance of what’s inside the potty, it also reduces bacteria growth, which in turn reduces the smell. If you ever encounter a porta potty rental with green liquid and a funky smell, you can assume the blue liquid has lost its effectiveness.

4. Porta Potty Rentals Reduce Water Usage

Did you know that flushing the toilet uses more water than any other activity (including showering?) Porta potty rentals save a whopping 45 billion gallons of water each year, according to the Portable Sanitation Association (PSA).

5. Before Flushing and Portable Toilets There Were Chamber Pots

In case you’ve never seen one, a chamber pot was a small bowl used to relieve oneself, usually at night. Before flushing and portable toilets, most people had chamber pots in their bedrooms. They had to be emptied and cleaned out every morning. Porta potties sound pretty good, don’t they?

Nearly everyone’s heard of portable toilets but knowing a few fun facts about them as well helps you gain a new respect for these mobile restrooms. If you’re hosting an event in or around San Mateo, be sure to include plenty of porta potty rentals for your guests.

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