3 Things You Need to Know about Porta Potty Rental Placement for Your Oakland, CA Event

Getting the right type and the number of porta potty rentals is definitely important, but so is their placement at your Oakland, CA event. It seems like common sense, really. Cluster them all together in a convenient but out of the way location, right?

The reality is it’s not that easy. There’s more to porta potty placement, and we’re going to talk about it below.

  1. Portable Toilets – Accessibility for Delivery, Pickup, and Cleaning

When your portable toilets are delivered, they will either be on a truck or towed behind one. The truck must be able to drive to where you want the units placed. Upon cleaning or pickup, the truck still needs clear access to the units. Consider this when other large obstacles like sound stages and booths might block access.

  1. Porta Potty Rental Placement – Attendee Satisfaction

The key to placing the porta potty rentals to the satisfaction of your attendees is near the action but not in the middle of it. For example, you want to put the units near food vendors and/or eating or lounge areas, but not so close that it interferes with your guests’ enjoyment. No one wants to see people coming and going from the restroom or smell the faint aroma of a porta-potty while they’re eating.

  1. Porta Potty Rental Security at Your Oakland, CA Event

First-time porta-potty renters tend to overlook the security of their portable toilets. Porta potties are susceptible to vandalism by pranksters, especially if they’re left unsecured overnight. The best way to discourage such mischief is to place porta-potty rentals inside secure fencing, which can also be rented at the same time as the units themselves.

If you’re planning an event in the Oakland, CA area, be sure to get the porta potty rentals you need from a reputable company like Hanson & Fitch. For on-time delivery of portable toilets, temporary fencing, and all your event rental needs, call (800) 847-7037 today.

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