3 Myths about Portable Toilets You Shouldn’t Believe

Portable toilets are very useful in areas where restrooms are needed but otherwise unavailable. Most people have had good (and bad) experiences with portable toilets, which causes a host of negative pre-conceived notions when porta potty rentals are the only option. We’ve compiled a list of myths about porta potties that you shouldn’t continue believing, especially if you plan to visit any outdoor events around the San Mateo area anytime soon.

1. Portable Toilets are Only for Large Events

While many people think of county fairs and music concerts when they think of portable toilets, the fact is, porta potties are just as suitable for events on a much smaller scale.

For example, porta potties are ideal on construction sites so workers don’t have to leave to find suitable restroom accommodations. Alternately, if indoor bathroom facilities have been temporarily closed due to remodeling or repair, an outdoor porta potty rental or two is a good replacement. Other small events where portable toilets come in handy include backyard barbeques and weddings.

2. They’re Unsanitary and They Smell

On the contrary, portable toilets are quite sanitary. Hanson & Fitch cleans and sanitizes our porta potties between uses, and with proper maintenance, they remain clean and sanitary throughout your event.

Going hand-in-hand with the sanitary issue, if you maintain your portable toilets throughout your event (especially if it’s a multi-day event) there won’t be any smells associated with the units. Alternately, you can opt for a flushing porta potty to help maintain the units during an extended event.

3.  You Only Need One Portable Toilet

This statement is false as the number of portable toilets you need depends on the number of people you expect to attend the event. Ideally, you should have one porta potty for every ten guests. If you serve beverages or food, expect lots of children, or your event spreads over a wide area, you’ll need more to ensure the comfort of the attendees.

If you’re planning an event in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to contact us for more information on providing portable toilets for your guests. Let us help you make going more convenient and comfortable for everyone.

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